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Welcome to one of America’s trusted sources for buying solar panels online.

  • Canadian Solar CS6X-290P 290 Watt Poly Solar Panel @ $241.57 per panel
  • Renogy Solar Panels at an affordable price
  • Mage Solar Panels Are Now Available
  • Purchase 280 Watt Poly Zebra Energy Solar Panels
  • Jetion Solar Panels

Here at Solar Systems USA we are dedicated to making solar technology absolutely affordable for you. We guarantee wholesale prices on pv modules, solar panel kits, inverters and all other solar products! Whether you are interested in a grid tie system an off grid system, or a water heating system, we have truly bottom dollar prices on products to complete your solar project.

Other than our discounted prices for pv modules and related solar energy products, we have often been told that Solar Systems USA offers the most comprehensive and accessible customer support for any online solar company. You can easily order a few solar panels for your home or a complete system all with a few clicks of a button.

We value our customers, so we will continue to be a resource and a guide for you long after your purchase and installation.

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