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AC Solar Panels

AC Solar Panels

Homes and businesses run on alternating current (AC) electrical power, but the average solar panel generates direct current (DC) power, requiring the supplemental use of an AC/DC micro-inverter.  To avoid extra installation costs, Solar Systems USA offers easy to install AC solar panels.  Equipped with built-in micro-inverter, AC solar panels readily generate the necessary alternating current to efficiently power your home or business.  Without the extra installation steps, AC solar panels are a true plug and play power system.

Plug and Play Solar Panels

Plug and play solar systems - like AC solar panels - are easy to install, reducing set-up costs and saving you money.  Without a built in micro-inverter, the complete set-up of DC solar panel requires the installation of each component separately, a costly and time-consuming alternative.  Not only are plug and play solar panels quicker to install, they are efficient.  The built in micro-inverter in all AC solar panels minimizes voltage drop, maximizing the energy efficiency of the entire solar array.  By opting for a plug and play AC solar panel, you save time and money everyday, starting with the day of installation.

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