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Solar Batteries

Solar Batteries

Solar batteries - known also as Deep Cycle Batteries - store the solar energy collected by your PV module system.  Deep Cycle Batteries are required both for off-grid PV systems and grid-tied systems with battery backups.  Once your solar panels have collected the becessary energy from the sun to supply your home or business with electricity, any excess energy will be stored in solar batteries for later use.  When sunlight is unavailable or connection to the grid is lost, solar batteries prevent blackouts by supplying you with a constant stream of electricity.  

Charge Controllers

The mechanism that functions to monitor the charge and overall performance of your solar batteries is called a charge controller.  Charge controllers prevent overcharging by monitoring the cell’s charge, ceasing the flow of solar energy to Deep Cycle Batteries once they are fully charged.  By improving the performance and lifespan of your solar battery system in this way, charge controllers contribute to the overall efficiency of your solar energy system.

Solar Systems USA has all of your Deep Cycle Battery needs covered, including battery enclosures, mounts, and meters - all at affordable prices.  Call our experts today to determine which Deep Cycle Battery system is right for you.

Battery Accessories

We carry various solar battery accessories including battery enclosures, mounts and meters for your solar battery system. Add our battery accessory products to enhance your system. Battery Accessories Here

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