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Solar Power To Threaten Conventional Power By 2020

12th May 2017

Researchers project that solar power will become cheaper than conventional, fossil fueled electric generating sources by 2020. (The researchers do not say that directly, but their numbers do.) But the … read more

How Much Does Home Solar Cost?

6th Apr 2017

Getting solar power for your home is one of the best ways to help the environment while also helping yourself. In most places in the United States, solar panels pay for themselves in less than 5 … read more

Solar Growth

4th Dec 2015

Growth in the use of solar energy has surged 183 percent among America‚Äôs top companies in the four years since the first Solar Means Business report was published. The study released today by the Sola … read more

Utilities See The Light

2nd Nov 2015

Community solar is poised to enjoy the next surge in clean-energy investment, according to the Department of Energy, and utilities and solar companies are discovering they may have to cooperate with e … read more

Home Values Increase with Solar

20th Oct 2015

Researchers led by the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory say that home purchasers are willing to pay more for houses that come with their own photovoltaic (PV) systems.In what is billed as the most compreh … read more