Shipping Info

Princeton Solar’s Shipping Process

delivered.jpg We would like to share with you that Princeton Solar’s objective is to provide shipping as a “Pass-through” item and is NOT a profit center for the company. We see shipping cost as expensive and cumbersome and our goal is to make it as low cost and painless as possible for our customers. WE DO NOT use shipping as an opportunity to try and make up cost or recoup income for the lower prices we offer. Our low prices on solar products come to you as a result of our buying products direct from the manufacturer and using a set low margin mark-up process. Our goal is to sell everyone in the world solar products at a low cost VS selling a few people a lot of products at a higher margin.

Our products are shipped from warehouses strategically located throughout North America. Every effort will be made to ship product from the closest facility stocking the items you are ordering.

Please note that Princeton Solar reserves the right to accept payments through the use of a “Virtual Terminal” at its own discretion. Due to the high risk nature of virtual terminal transactions, Princeton Solar will approach each of these transactions on a case by case basis taking into consideration a number of factors.  For a list of these factors please submit a request in writing to

The warehouses we ship your product from have sole discretion in how your
product is shipped. 

All solar panels are shipped via “Freight” or truck-line. Smaller sized inverters, charge controllers and racking parts will sometimes be shipped via “ground”, which we consider to be UPS,  Fed-Ex or DHL, depending on the shipping address.

Freight prices are largely determined with a pricing matrix based on averages. Therefore the price to ship two solar panels maybe the same price to ship 8 solar panels. 

All shipping practices are based upon trial and error over several years.   

Solar Panel Packaging and Shipping

No less than two solar panels will be sold or shipped. All solar panels are wrapped or bundled in at least 2 panels to prevent breakage during shipment.

Solar Panel Shipping Prices

Panel Quantity Weight (lbs)
45 Lbs/Panel
Shipping Cost
2 0 - 90  $185.00
3  90 - 135 $215.00
4 135 - 180  $235.00
5 180 - 225  $235.00
6 225 - 270  $235.00
7 270 - 315  $245.00
8  315 - 360 $250.00
9  360 - 405 $260.00
10-14 405 - 630  $275.00
15-20 630 - 900  $300.00
Pallet Quantity Shipping Cost
1 $310.00
2 $620.00
3 $930.00
4 $1,240.00
5 $1,550.00
6 $1,860.00
7 $2,170.00
8 $2,480.00
9 $2,480.00
Vendors Requiring Pallet Break Fee
Brand Price
Renogy $25.00
Perlight $50.00
Renesola $100.00
Sunworld $89.00
Eoplly $100.00
Sonali $100.00
Additional Handling Fees
Residential Delivery $35.00
Lift Gate Fee $35.00

Solar Panels Should Be Shipped with the following protections:

Please inspect your panels or solar products upon delivery to ensure no shipping damages are present. If products are damaged please take photographic evidence of any shipping damages.

number1.jpg  Foaming to protect the top of the solar panels


number2.jpg  Corrugated paper to protect the side of the solar panels


number3.jpg  Plastic corners to protect the edges of your solar panels


number4.jpg  Additional corrugated padding to double protect all sides from fork lift damages.


number5.jpg  Wood pad to cover the top and warning to not stack.