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Power Optimizer

Power Optimizer

Power optimizers are designed to maximize power yield from a photovoltaic (PV) system.  By using maximum power point tracking (MPPT), power optimizers maximize energy output for every solar panel in an array. Often when PV systems are connected to a string inverter, one underperforming solar panel can negatively impact the energy output of the entire system - much like when one dead bulb causes an entire string of christmas lights to go dark.  With the use of MPPT technology, power optimizers track the most effective combination of voltage and current given the external conditions in order to ensure the maximum energy yield for a solar array.

Benefits of Power Optimizer Use

Solar power optimizers are an alternative to micro inverters - both maximize the return on investment of a solar system by ensuring that each solar panel in an array is harvests as much energy as possible.  Unlike micro inverters, power optimizers handles each PV array as a unified power system rather than treating each panel as an individual energy unit.  This makes solar panel power optimizers ideal for more expansive PV systems, creating a simpler setup for handling large numbers of solar panels.  By using MPPT to ensure that a solar system is operating at its peak efficiency point, power optimizers ensure maximum return on investment.  

To determine whether a power optimizer or micro inverter system is best for your solar array, call Solar Systems USA today.

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